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This Case Epilogue written February 1, 2017 is intended to provide context to this web site as it documents a Canadian constitutional challenge spanning from 2004 to 2016. Bruce Montague determined to expose the constitutional violations in the Canadian Firearms Act. After being charged, mounting a constitutional challenge and appealing to the Supreme Court of Canada, Montague's case was dismissed without reasons. With Bruce in jail, the Montagues then faced an another twist of injustice -- the confiscation of their home and property by the Ontario government. The Montagues fought the civil forfeiture of their home for years until, in the summer of 2016, the Canadian Constitution Foundation was instrumental in negotiating with the Ontario Civil Forfeiture department to drop the lien against the Montague home. The Canadian Constitution Foundation deserves our support as they continue to fight other cases of injustice around the country. YOU COULD BE NEXT! Canada is undergoing a quiet revolution and your fundamental rights and freedoms are at stake!
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Posted: October 2004

Response to Letter from disillusioned supporter, opponent?

Dear Mr. Polaris,

Thanks for your letter. I'm sure many people have similar questions as they read the recent police charges, so this is a good opportunity re-examine the stand taken by Bruce Montague.

  • Bruce has no criminal record and is an upstanding, respected citizen
  • Bruce has practiced peaceful public protest, and principled non-compliance against unconstitutional (unlawful) laws for several years.
  • The "from my cold dead hands" quote is rhetoric used by former NRA President Charlton Heston, not Bruce Montague.
  • Bruce has invested huge amounts of travel, time, and money to effect peaceful political change.
  • Firearms were Bruce's business (as a full-time gunsmith) so it would be expected that he might have a wide variety of guns and some books on the subject
  • All firearms are basically designed to do the same thing. That is, fire a projectile out the end of a barrel, period.
  • Guns are versatile tools that can be used in many ways, including target shooting, hunting, self defense, or simply as part of a collection to help people remember our fading heritage. How the tool is used is the responsibility of the owner.
  • In the hands of a bad person, every kind of gun is a significant threat to innocent human life. In the hands of a good person, however, a gun is a sufficient argument to convince a bad person not to take innocent human life. Professor Gary Mauser of Simon Fraser University did a study on the defensive use of firearms in Canada and found that guns are used over 60,000 times a year by average Canadians to protect themselves from dangerous people or animals.
  • I live in the city where home invasions are common and often fatal. I'd feel a lot safer if I were Bruce's neighbour.
  • Good men with good guns are a net benefit to society.

I hope those considerations help put things in persepctive.



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