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This Case Epilogue written February 1, 2017 is intended to provide context to this web site as it documents a Canadian constitutional challenge spanning from 2004 to 2016. Bruce Montague determined to expose the constitutional violations in the Canadian Firearms Act. After being charged, mounting a constitutional challenge and appealing to the Supreme Court of Canada, Montague's case was dismissed without reasons. With Bruce in jail, the Montagues then faced an another twist of injustice -- the confiscation of their home and property by the Ontario government. The Montagues fought the civil forfeiture of their home for years until, in the summer of 2016, the Canadian Constitution Foundation was instrumental in negotiating with the Ontario Civil Forfeiture department to drop the lien against the Montague home. The Canadian Constitution Foundation deserves our support as they continue to fight other cases of injustice around the country. YOU COULD BE NEXT! Canada is undergoing a quiet revolution and your fundamental rights and freedoms are at stake!
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Christopher di Armani I am, among other things, a writer, a computer programmer and filmmaker. When not working on my own projects I work in the film industry, primarily out of Vancouver.

I live on a small acreage outside Lytton, a small community in the beautiful Fraser Canyon of British Columbia. Apparently like the rest of the directors, I'm a dog lover. I have two fantastic guys, Koda and Tuko, a Husky and Australian Sheepdog respectively, who are constant reminders of what is important in life.

I'm an avid shooter and hunter and relish time in the woods, whether hunting or "just looking."

My first contact with firearms came at the hands of my father, who taught me and my brother firearms safety and marksmanship. Cadet training followed with more firearms training and after that my interest in firearms took a hiatus.

When my cousin returned from serving in Croatia he came to stay with me for a while and reintroduced me to the fun, passion and responsibility of firearms. He also talked to me of the legislation and its gross stupidity. From that point I educated myself on how the Firearms Act (Bill C-68) violates the rights of every Canadian, not just firearms owners.

I am a strong believer in freedom in the classic definition ("Liberty of the person from slavery, detention, or oppression") which is why I am so opposed to Canada's Firearms Act. It oppresses the law-abiding individual under the guise of cracking down on criminals. The Act leaves actual criminals completely alone, which disgusts me.

I first came into contact with CUFOA via the internet, and while I have never been a member, I have always supported their fight, which is, of course, all our fight.

In May of 2004 I traveled to Saskatoon for CUFOA's Firearms Act Seminar to interview the CUFOA executive for a documentary (Good Men vs. Bad Law) on their battle to be charged under the Firearms Act and launch a constitutiona challenge of the law. Through my interviews I discovered a group of men who very clearly understood the Firearms Act and why they were opposed to it. I also found a group of men committed to giving up their liberty, if necessary, in their fight against this unjust law.

When Bruce and Donna were arrested on September 11, 2004 I immediately became active in helping the Montague family with their impending legal battle. I traveled to the Montague's home and spent a week interviewing the entire family about the events of September 11, as well as their family history.

As a filmmaker, the Montagues have always opened their home and hearts to me unconditionally. As a friend they have offered companionship, good cheer and their unbending faith that we must stand up for freedom, no matter the cost.

In return I attempt to use the skills, talents and brains God gave me to help them in their fight against Canada's corrupt and immoral government.

By helping the Montague family I am simply helping myself. The Canadian government, in persecuting this most law-abiding and morally-upstanding family, has drawn a line in the sand. It is a line we must obliterate if we are to retain our inalienable rights and freedoms.

In the words of Donna Montague, "I don't want my great, great-grandfather to look down on me and be ashamed."

Yours in Liberty,

Christopher di Armani

Our poison-tipped pens are greater than the mightiest of swords -

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