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This Case Epilogue written February 1, 2017 is intended to provide context to this web site as it documents a Canadian constitutional challenge spanning from 2004 to 2016. Bruce Montague determined to expose the constitutional violations in the Canadian Firearms Act. After being charged, mounting a constitutional challenge and appealing to the Supreme Court of Canada, Montague's case was dismissed without reasons. With Bruce in jail, the Montagues then faced an another twist of injustice -- the confiscation of their home and property by the Ontario government. The Montagues fought the civil forfeiture of their home for years until, in the summer of 2016, the Canadian Constitution Foundation was instrumental in negotiating with the Ontario Civil Forfeiture department to drop the lien against the Montague home. The Canadian Constitution Foundation deserves our support as they continue to fight other cases of injustice around the country. YOU COULD BE NEXT! Canada is undergoing a quiet revolution and your fundamental rights and freedoms are at stake!
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Aug8-2016: Bruce and Donna Montague Reach Settlement that Saves Their Home

Apr16-2013: CCF Takes Montague Case

Mar12-2013: Sad News

Feb14-2013: Appeal Date Set

Jan7-2013: Case Update

Sept11-2012: Montagues Eight Years Later

Aug29-2012: Selick: Just like Russia, Canada persecutes its protesters

Jan14-2011: Civil Forfeiture Research Index

Jan12-2011: Montague released on parole

Dec21-2010: What's Wrong with Civil Forfeiture

Dec11-2010: Case Update

Dec-11-2010: Montague Home Construction Photos

Nov10-2010: Pointed Letter To Ontario Attorney General

Nov30-2010: The Sinister Side of Proceeds of Crime Legislation


Nov14-2010: Is Jury Nullification Canada's Last Hope?

Nov14-2010: Transcribed Update Letter from Bruce @ Prison

Contact the Media About Unjust Civil Property Forfeiture

Yukon Puts Proceeds of Crime Act on Hold Indefinitely

Ontario's Attorney General's Office Angry

Oct21-2010: Civil Forfeiture Application

Oct14-2010: Civil Forfeiture Proceeding

Sep30-2010: How to write to Bruce in Jail

Sep30-2010: Write to Stop Confiscation of Montague Home

Sep21-2010: [Scrap C-68] Update from Bruce @ Jail

Sep21-10: Donna Montague and the Possible Seizure of her Home by the Ontario Government

Sep16-10: [Scrap C-68] The SCC has dismissed our appeal!

Sep14-10: [Scrap C-68] Supreme Court to announce its decision on whether it will hear our appeal.

Aug24-10: [Scrap C-68] Is it Possible to get a Fair Hearing in Canada?

Apr24-10: [Scrap C-68] Released from Prison!

Apr 4, 2010: Christopher di Armani Resigns

Mar6, 2010: National Post - George Jonas: Mr. Bumble's gun registry

Mar 4, 2010: Jail Contact Information for Montague

Feb 26, 2010: Ontario appeal judges uphold Montague conviction

Feb 25, 2010: Montague Appeal Decision Released

Feb 19, 2010: Montague’s firearms registry case heard

Feb 18, 2010: Appeal Court Hearing Summary

Feb 18, 2010: Appeal Rally Photos and Audio

Feb 17, 2010: Randy Hillier, MPP, to Speak at Firearms Appeal Rally

Feb 17, 2010: No Bread, Just Circuses

Feb 2010: Appeal Trial Press Releases

Feb9-2010: Request from Donna

Jan11: Only one month until our appeal is heard!

Jan8: Canadian Student, Katey Montague, tops a million hits on her "Firearms Facts" Youtube Channel

February 18, 2010 - Appeal Court and Rally for the Right to Shoot Back

Oct 5: Upcoming Event

Sept 23: Appeal Court Date Finally Set

Sept 11: Fifth Year Anniversary of my Arrest

July 3: Out Appeal is Almost "Perfected"

Feb 4: Intervenors for Montague

Nov 18: Conservative Convention

Oct 31: Past the 4 year mark

July23: Exciting Firearms Training Offer

July8: Case Update July 2008

Apr17: Bruce out of Jail

Mar27: Bail Hearing Adjourned Till April 11th

Mar22: Verboten for an oppressed minority

Mar20: Pre-Sentencing Report

Mar19: Lifetime firearms ban follows conviction on 26 gun charges

Mar19: Area man gets 18 months for firearms offences

Mar18: Former Dryden gunsmith sentenced to 18 months

Mar18: 18 Months for Bruce Montague

Mar18: Montague to be sentenced today

Feb20: Pre-sentencing News Update

Jan14-2008: The Bruce Montague case: Round one

Dec17: A nation of licence holders

Dec8: Trial Verdicts and Our Next Move

Dec7: Montague found guilty on 26 firearms related charges

Dec6: Jury now deliberating firearms-related charges against Dryden area couple

Dec5: Montagues’ defence based on red herrings: Crown

Dec4: Defence presents closing arguments in Montague case

Dec1: Brief update as we approach the end of the trial

Nov30: Donna Montague takes the stand - Court case into weapons-related charges continues

Nov29: Montague's protest of Firearms Act outlined in defence's case

Nov28: Montague pushed for own arrest

Nov23: Crown’s case against Montague almost complete

Nov22: Forensic scientist takes the stand

Nov21: Defence questions officers about search of hidden room in Montague home

Nov20: Crown continues case against Montague

Nov19: Neighbour latest to testify in Montague trial

Nov17: Week One - Trial Report

Nov16: Firearms battle continues

Nov16: Montague case continues in court

Nov14: Jury selected, Montague trial proceeding

Nov7: Ont. man vows to take constitutional challenge of firearms act to top court

Nov6: Ontario Superior Court Ruling on Montague Charter Challenge

Oct28: Family home at risk

Oct28: Brave Battle for Freedom

Oct26: Awaiting decision

Oct25: Crown argues no absolute right to own firearms

Oct23: Constitutional challenge of Firearms Act returns to court

Oct22: Daily Court Reports

Oct15: Preparing to finish our constitutional challenge of the Firearms Act

Sep22: The Loss of a Canadian Hero

Sep18: Tribute to a Hero of Freedom and Self-defense Rights in Canada

Sep11: Three Years and Counting...

Jun29: Fighting for Justice...

Mar23: NW Ontario man fires lawyer, stalling constitutional challenge of Firearms Act

Mar20: Man facing weapons charges argues Firearms Act is unconstitutional

Mar20: Court Proceedings Delayed

Mar12: Daily Court Reports

Mar7: Gun Laws to be Challenged in Superior Court March 12, 2007

Jan 9, 2007: Cross-examinations in Thunder Bay

Jan 5, 2007: Katey's Firearms Facts Videos

Oct19: Gun ownership is a net benefit to society

Oct18: Firearms challenge off until March

Oct17: Constitutional Challenge Delayed Yet Again

Oct17: Montague sheds clothes to make a point

Oct17: Montague hearing put over until March 2007

Oct11: Press Release

Oct11: Bruce Montague Ready for Challenge

Sep8: Montague trial set to begin on Oct. 16

May23: Montague supports changes to gun registry

Apr30: Constitutional Challenge Court Documents Submitted

Mar31: Fighting the Firearms Act - the Montagues get their day in court

Mar13: Constitutional Challenge Deadline April 30th

Dec27: Paul Martin Ignores Reality (Again)

Dec23: Not giving up- Couple aim to bring firearms battle to Supreme Court

Dec23: Pre-Trial Court Report

Dec16: Visit

Dec16: Voice Protest at

Dec13: Tribute to Our Accountant

Dec9: Hidden Agenda Finally Revealed

Dec9: Pistol-whipped

Dec8: Liberals to ban handguns

Dec8: Reality Check: Liberal handgun ban

Dec8: Election Interview Goes Terribly Wrong

Dec7: Ontario calls for tougher gun laws (with response)

Nov 21: The price being paid for this charade

Nov16: Liberal MP advocates police seizure of ALL guns from ALL citizens for no cause

Oct31: Gangland, Ont. Population: 300

Oct 20: Supporters Pitch in to Complete Mail-out

Oct5-2005: Montague's lawyer lashes out at Crown

Oct7: Crown Uses Bully Tactics to Squash Gun-Law Protester

Oct 6: Crown puts lien on Montague's home

Oct5: court report on Montague Home Seizure

Sep28: Montagues Face Civil Forfeiture of Their Property

Sep26: Ontario AG Moves to Confiscate Family Home

Sep11: 9/11 - a Reminder to Eternal Vigilance

Aug19: Still standing against C-68

Jul25: Court Appearance

Jun22: Montague chooses trial by judge and jury

Jun21: A Very Long Day in Court

Apr25: Court Report and Road Tour Success

April 2005: C-68 challenger hosted by Outdoors Association

Mar22: Gun outlaw rides into Haliburton

Mar20: Conservative Party Convention

Feb25: Western Tour Summary

Feb15: Legal challenge to gun registration underway

Feb14: Bruce Montague's Western Tour Enters Third Week

Jan 26: Outcome of Jan24th Court Appearance

Jan 10: In Quest Of Liberty Radio Interview

Dec15: Montagues change legal counsel

Nov17: Montague remanded until Dec. 13

Oct27: More charges for Montague

Oct 25: (TV Clip) More Firearms Charges Against Dryden Man

Oct22: Gunsmith faces 23 more charges

Oct21: Additional Charges Laid Against Montague + CKDR News Archive

Oct21: More Firearms Charges Against Dryden Man

Oct21: Bruce Montague en Francais?

Oct20: Man helping lead gun law challenge faces additional weapons charges

Oct13: Camp owners support Scrap C-68 Fund

Oct11: The price of resisting gun control tyranny

Oct11: Questioning the arrest of a vocal gun-rights advocate

Sep29: Reaction to Montague case pouring in

Sep29: Montague still up for Supreme Court challenge

Sep25: Dryden gunsmith charged with firearms, explosives offences

Sep23: Gunsmith Got His Wish

Sep23: Meaty charge laid: Gun fight takes shape

Sep22: It's your obligation to pay attention

Sep22: OPP Searches Montague Home Second Time

Sep21: Deal brokered for Montague’s release

Sep21: Showdown over gun control

Sep21: Silencing Dissent

Sep20: Gunsmith spends over a week in jail

Sep20: Spouse of jailed gunsmith vows to take C-68 fight to Supreme Court

Sep19: OPP Abandons 12-Year-Old Child As Father Is Arrested

Sep16: The choice is yours

Sep15: Charges laid against CUFOA member, wife

Sep11: Bruce Montague Arrested

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